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Etiket is a life standart for us!

The label is the identity of the product, its individuality; it not only provides information but also promotes product recognition and acceptance. Serving different sectors for over thirty years, Etiket Center is the global supply chain label  leader such as cleaning, cosmetics, food, health, medicine, automotive, mineral oil, electricity and electronics. it makes a great contribution to the creation of the brand image with its works based on shape, color, quality materials and permanence. Nowadays increasingly competitive environment, brands that are trying to differentiate in every way must focus on correct and effective labeling that is integrated with their products. Etiket Center successfully meets this need with its modern 7000 m2 building with equipment that is constantly updated to take into account the latest technology, preparation, raw material and production phases. The products on offer require a certain amount of responsibility, including world-class raw materials, graphics, production and delivery, as well as the satisfaction of the final manufacturer. 95% of clients are exporters and are approved by major European representatives.


It shows that the Label Center has made an important progress in its field. Label Center provides more efficient services with its areas of expertise and technical departments. Produces effective solutions for all kinds of needs in the Offset Printing, Adhesive Labels, Printing Labels and Woven Labels departments. Each brand is taking firm steps forwards with Etiket Center!

Our mission is to offer customers with high quality labeling materials. Welcome to contact us for business cooperation.